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Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

Many organizations are currently faced with the challenge of gaining competitive advantage while meeting the demands of fiscal austerity. For some, just surviving in a world of geo-political macro-economic change and continued European financial crisis is challenging enough. Blackstallions are specialist practitioners who can not only advise you on what to do, but will also be a part of the delivering the answer. We can help you to make better decisions, reduce costs, build a more effective organization and develop appropriate technology strategies. We start by understanding your organization: your operation, your competitive dynamics, your culture, your objectives and your challenges. By seeing the world through your eyes, we can work to your agenda, and apply our global insights to your specific strategic and operational issues. Our culture of curiosity, innovation and reinvention means that your thinking will be challenged – with a distinctive point of view. We are committed to delivering the value we promise and that you expect – through faster time to market, lower costs, improved cash flow or higher revenues. This might help you achieve new goals, penetrate new markets, create successful mergers or simplify legacy systems and emerging technologies.

People and Change

Focusing on the HR function, we develop an organisations HR strategy, programs and plans that enable the HR function and line management — working together — to deliver a strategy for human capabilities. When organizations need to accomplish major change and make it sustainable, we assist the people involved with, and affected by, the change to become engaged, committed and competent in the new way of doing business.

Digital and Customer

We understands that sustainable growth is achievable only when customers are put at the heart of the business. Tailor made customer-centric strategies place your business as the clear customer choice. By deploying talented and cross-industry experienced individuals, we help businesses create innovative and practical strategies to grow your customer base through an enhanced customer experience while addressing internal challenges

Financial Management

As part of a global network of professionals, our Financial Management team can help make the finance function more efficient, effective and better aligned with your business strategy so that the organization can realize and sustain value over the long term. We advise you on optimizing business intelligence and analytics to access the right information at the right time in order to make more effective business decisions.

Business Transformation

KPMG’s business transformation solutions address all elements of your business – from strategy, operating models and processes to organization and technology enablement. KPMG has developed proprietary tools, methodologies and practices which provide critical insights from comparable entities in each sector, enabling clients to pick and choose leading practice.

Customer Advisory

Customer experience is becoming the number-one brand differentiator in this highly competitive environment. KPMG member firms work alongside organizations on their journey, helping them become customer-centric, identifying the right balance between cost and customer satisfaction and identifying growth opportunities.

CIO Advisory and Cyber Security

Our expertise stretches across the IT landscape: guiding you to the right solution – whether an ERP implementation, a business intelligence system or an emerging technology – that meets your specific business objectives. We also support your IT strategy and provide sourcing advice, examining logistics and supply chain issues to catalyze performance while delivering cost savings. Our IT skills help you execute transformation strategies with the technology best suited to your business, data and information requirements.

Strategy and Operations

Whatever the industry or sector, whether public or private, a strong strategic focus is critical to an organization’s continued growth and success. It enhances stakeholder and community confidence, aligns operational processes and practices with corporate and national objectives, and opens the way to long-term, sustainable performance improvement.

Chain Fusion

Blackstallions Chain Fusion enables seamless interaction across blockchain protocols and traditional systems and by ingesting and structuring blockchain data from different protocols alongside existing data structures from traditional technologies into a core data architecture. The ingestion model is designed to consume network and market data from leading providers for cryptoassets, transactional data from off-chain databases, and integrations with leading permissioned blockchain protocols. These blockchain data sources are ingested and structured to be consistent with data consumed from traditional data sources, allowing for an integrated data environment to build business applications.